Taking Care

I have specialized in the repair and maintenance of handmade, custom-ordered instruments, and have enjoyed working with professional musicians around the world. Now in semi-retirement, I work exclusively with Emanuel Flutes, the business I helped to develop in the 1990’s.

Flutists, have your flute serviced regularly, to keep oil in the mechanism and to correct small pad leaks and adjustment problems before they affect and alter your sound, and your technique.  This is best managed by making an appointment for a Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) generally once a year, but perhaps more often if you play daily or under varying conditions.  Professional players often find that two COAs per year, scheduled in the spring and fall, help to maintain the stability of the pads and adjustments through seasonal shifts in humidity.


It’s time for a COA when:

  • it feels like you’re working for your flute instead of it working for you
  • passages and tones once easily managed feel harder or fussier
  • tone quality isn’t consistent across the registers
  • certain notes are cracking, and your flute just isn’t singing with you
  • you hear clicks or sounds in the mechanism
  • intonation issues arise

HaynesOHpolishedWhen regular maintenance has been neglected, or when several pads have to be replaced, a flute may need an Overhaul to restore it to optimal condition.  Pads may be dirty, sticky, or frayed, the mechanism noisy or sluggish, and there may be “play,” or sideways motion in the keywork.

Emergency Repair Service is sometimes possible with a turnaround time of one hour to one day.  Not covered by warranty, it is recommended for problems where your flute is working well one day and not working the next.  Please contact me for availability and pricing.


If you will be shipping your flute to me, please use FedEx if possible. Any of their options: one-day express, two-day, ground transport, etc., are available with tracking services. Ship at a mutually agreed upon time with signature required for delivery, and package the instrument securely, with at least two inches of foam or bubble-wrap around each side of the case.  Also, the flute must fit snuggly inside its own case!  Otherwise, inevitable bumps in transport may cause the kind of damage you see in this photo; the flute was not protected by the worn-down cushions in its own, ancient case.

Your flute must be insured with coverage that protects it coming, going, and while it is in my care.  Please contact me via email to receive a Release and Waiver of Liability before sending me your flute.

Repairs, other than emergency service, are warrantied for 60 days.  The warranty does not apply if someone works on your flute after me, or if you leave your flute with me for less than 24 hours.